Sunday, May 29, 2011

The police violently prevented a gay pride march in Moscow

Several gay Russians have been detained in central Moscow to try to hold a gay pride march that was authorized by the City Council of the Russian capital. "Police officers arrested seven people near Alexander Gardens when attempting to hold an unauthorized action," he informed a police spokesman told Interfax.

After carrying out the detentions, the police cordoned off the Manezh square, opposite the Kremlin walls to prevent the march homosexual. The police also want to avoid violent clashes with ultra-nationalists and members of other radical groups opposed to gay demonstrations were also concentrated near the square.

Previously, other homosexuals tried to demonstrate at the entrance to Red Square and displayed banners with slogans like "Freedom" and "Russia without homophobic." A group of skinheads attacked them, beat and tried to prevent them made their slogans to the astonishment of many tourists.

Homosexuals planned to hold another similar action by the City Council, which denied permission to demonstrate in the city today. The Moscow authorities have reinforced security measures around the city center, in anticipation of violent incidents. Moscow City Council banned the gay pride march despite the European Court of Human Rights has criticized Russian authorities thereof.

In justifying its refusal, the council explained that in recent weeks has received numerous letters to officials, religious, political, and different organizations urged him to prevent manifestations of sexual minorities. Since 2006 the Russian gay organizations have tried to demonstrate in Moscow, but still found no for an answer in the capital ousted mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, who considered the gay marches "satanic acts." The gay community had high hopes for the new mayor of Moscow, who has already authorized the holding of several acts of opposition and minority groups.

The first unauthorized march of homosexuals in the history of Russia took place in May 2006 and ended in a pitched battle in which participants were attacked by both nationalist and fundamentalist Orthodox and the police.

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