Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Church of England ordained a priest knowing that he was a pedophile

The correspondence that has appeared recently in a report that was posted on a website and then removed, shows the error of the Church of England when it comes to supporting the victims of a convicted pederast, Roy Cotton, who was ordained . Specifically, in a letter, Lambeth Palace Cotton went on to suggest that should go to "a carefully selected parish." The same years have insisted that, in 1995, there were strong safeguard policies in place to prevent these cases.

The controversy has arisen with the so-called 'Meekings Report, "which was published online on Wednesday and then removed, along with another document published by the Baroness Butler-Sloss, in charge of this investigation. A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Chichester told the BBC that 'Meekings Report' was removed because the document was inadvertently included some information confidential, and both studies examined the behavior of Cotton and other pederast priest also, Colin Pritchard.

In another note of the time, to the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, dated May 13, 1966, the Bishop of Portsmouth was explaining the history of Cotton, including an offense committed by him in 1954, and his repeated requests for be considered for ordination. The letter said: "I'm not sure if having been convicted of a crime, or would need special dispensation not yours.

I would be grateful for his guidance in this matter. "Cotton is a man of considerable ability ... I do not think that after having been free of any problems for 12 years, there is some likelihood of problems in the future. "The secretary of the Archbishop's response, dated May 17, 1966, clarified that the most senior clergyman was" reassured by what had been reported and thought it was fair to consider ordering with a title in the parish mentioned carefully selected.

On Wednesday, all these data came to light and those responsible for the reporting of abuse of Cotton insisted that "the requests of the victims had not been taken seriously. "The Bishop of Chichester apologized after learning what happened, while Sussex Police issued a statement assuring it had always taken these allegations very seriously.

According to a judge of the area retired, Roy Cotton may have sexually abused at least 10 people, while working as a priest in Brede, near Rye, in the early 90's.

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