Sunday, May 29, 2011

Egypt opens the transit of the border with Gaza Strip

Egypt and Israel had closed its borders with Gaza after Hamas seized power in the Palestinian territory in June 2007, driving out forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Previously, from November 25, 2005, had controlled the passage together-with interruptions-Egypt, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), the police mission of the European Union and Israel EUBAM.

While Israel is concerned with this measure for their own safety, Hamas celebrated and organized a demonstration in Rafah today to thank Egypt for opening the crossing. However, Hamas also calls for the normalization of freight traffic. After the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt has reoriented its policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

The Mubarak-backed Israeli blockade of Gaza's Farm was viewed with little sympathy for the Egyptian people. With the opening of the crossing, Egypt also wants to promote reconociliación between the formerly warring Hamas and Fatah and the formation of a government of national unity. The opening of the Rafah crossing is the result of a reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah, Abbas's party, sealed this month with Egyptian mediation.

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