Sunday, May 29, 2011

The day of truth for Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is nervous, very nervous. When tomorrow at 15.00 close of polling, in which 6.5 million Italians are called to vote today on the second round of municipal elections to elect the mayors of 88 towns, could begin the end of his political career. If, as happened in the first round as all the polls say Berlusconi loses in Milan, the great bastion and the city where his party ruled for 16 years, could mean the final debacle.

Because Milan is not only the main economic center of Italy, but also where they are cooked all the changes at the national level. To see how nervous and upset that he is Berlusconi just have to see the sorry spectacle that gave last Thursday at the G-8 summit in Deuville. At one point the Italian prime minister pounced on Barack Obama and began to harangue on "the communist dictatorship that judges have been established in Italy" and the need to reform the judicial system.

U.S. President simply to remain silent and look at him in bewilderment, not understanding anything. It was so embarrassing that yesterday, in full day of reflection, Under Secretary for Economic Development, Daniela Melchiorre, announced his resignation because of "the incredible discredit the prime minister against the unbelieving judges President Obama on the summit of G- 8.

A new blow against the increasingly beleaguered Silvio Berlusconi. Italian Prime Minister, who has four pending process that tomorrow is summoned to appear in court Tuesday and has another appointment (which will not appear) in court in Milan by the Ruby case (which is charged child prostitution) - these municipal elections has become a kind of referendum: either he or the judges.

In none of his rallies or their numerous television appearances (which have been so many that have earned him heavy fines to both the RAI, Italian state television and the networks owned by Berlusconi) has ceased to attack hard against the judges. On Friday, in his final campaign speech, was picked by example that justice in Italy is "pathological." However, this time the strategy has not worked.

All indications are that Letizia Moratti, the candidate of Berlusconi's party to be re-elected as mayor of Milan, definitively lose tomorrow against the center-left candidate, Giuliano Pisapia. Already in the first round Pisapia Moratti got to get a lead of 6.5 points. And polls warn that the gap may now be extended to 8 points.

Berlusconi himself seems resigned to losing Milan, concentrating all its efforts to prevent that loss precipitated his downfall as prime minister. "Even if we lose there will be no government crisis", repeat for days and stressed again on Friday during the closing campaign rally and offered not only in Naples, Milan, where the candidate of his party if it has possibilities to win.

If tomorrow is consumed in the center-right's defeat in Milan, all eyes will focus on Umberto Bossi, leader of the Northern League and Berlusconi who is absolutely dependent to stay in power. At the end of the day, Bossi could open a government crisis that marks the end of Berlusconi.

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