Monday, May 23, 2011

The Taliban denied that Mullah Omar is dead

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullah Omar, has spent five days without contact with his family, something that apparently is very rare. This unusual silence Taliban leader has led the Afghan Tolo TV station to say that Mullah died while traveling from Quetta to the Pakistani province of North Waziristan.

This article was denied by a Taliban spokesman has claimed that their leader is still alive. "Reports of the death of Amir al Moemineen (Omar) are false, is healthy and safe," said the spokesman for the Afghan Taliban, Qari Muhammad Yousaf, a news agency Afghan Islamic Press (AIP), based in Pakistan .

Also, a Pakistani Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told Reuters from an unspecified location that Mullah Omar is in Afghanistan safe and sound. " "We reject these unfounded information to the effect that Mullah Mohammed Omar is dead," he said. For its part, a senior Pakistani official has said it is making "inquiries" and that it was possible to "confirm." This was the first time speculating on the death of Taliban leader, a few months after the U.S.

military. UU. leave Afghanistan.

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