Monday, May 23, 2011

Saleh does not sign the transfer of power and claims to be prepared for a civil war

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has refused to sign the agreement for a peaceful transfer of power proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and has warned the opposition that is ready for a "civil war." According to government sources, the party decided at a meeting attended by Saleh did not initial the agreement with the opposition if the two parties signed at the same time a strategy with a schedule of implementation of the initiative.

"If you give in and want to drag the country into civil war, will assume responsibility," said Saleh before warning that they will be "responsible for the blood will flow" if "persist in their stupidity." This denial comes a day after representatives of the opposition Yemeni initiative initialed the GCC, which provides a transfer of power to Vice President within a month, and presidential and parliamentary elections two months later.

"I'll sign if the opposition comes to the presidential palace because it will be a partner in a transitional government Why do not you want to attend and instead want to do an act in Riyadh?" He asked Saleh on public television. For its part, the GCC secretary general, Abdellatif Zayani, has warned that foreign ministers of the Gulf study leave mediation in Yemen.

While in Sana'a, the president's supporters, armed with batons, blocked the main streets of the capital and surrounded the presidential palace, where he was expected to sign the transition plan. Saleh's supporters carried portraits of President and also blocked the streets who run the airport and Tahrir Square, where the official seat of government.

The confrontation between security forces and opponents of the regime have resulted in several injuries. The confrontation began on Monday at noon and then, you could hear an exchange of gunfire. They have also surrounded the UAE Embassy, where they were meeting the ambassadors of U.S., UK and the EU, and the secretary of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Abdellatif Zayani, to try to find a solution to the crisis, as reported by a diplomat told AFP.

Diplomats have been evacuated by helicopter. For its part, the opposition was met at the Exchange Square, the epicenter of anti-government movements in Yemen, and currently hold the largest demonstration that has been seen before in the country today. Representatives of all trades are represented, many of them dressed in colors according to your professions.

Saleh was expected to accept the plan negotiated by the Gulf States, under which would cede power to his vice president within a month, and allow general elections within 60 days.

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