Monday, May 23, 2011

Hackers Germans planned to attack a French nuclear plant

The German Criminal Investigation Office (BKA) has avoided the computer attack against a nuclear power company EDF, whose property is owned by the French State and has 58 active nuclear reactors in France, although researchers have not specified which of they were threatened. The news of a plan of attack against a nuclear plant is relatively close to its borders has caused great alarm in Germany.

The expert committee appointed by the government of Angela Merkel had warned a few days ago that the central Germanic, which recognizes a high level of security, are not protected against attacks or against aircraft crashing to their facilities. Teutonic court officials, the danger of an attack against a central computer EDF was the reason that led to agents of the Office of Darmstadt to appear on Friday at the premises of the Pirate Party in Germany and immediately disconnect all your equipment and servers, which left this political formation outside the Internet.

As reported by the weekly 'Der Spiegel', the investigation was not held against the party itself, but against "unknown individuals who are serving as tools, through the servers of The Pirate Bay, to carry out attacks hacker '". The prosecution also reported that the plan to hack into a French nuclear plant had been laid out as an international strategy in which the main focus would be 'hackers' who spoke German and the servers of The Pirate Bay.

Pirate Party leadership initially reacted in a very hostile to the intervention of his servants, saying the serious political damage resulting from its blockade 48 hours before the regional elections in Bremen. As the hours pass, however, a party spokesman, Christopher Lang, admitted that the first analysis has several tools for their systems were being used anonymously to schedule a stress attack DDoS type, which can carried out without being detected.

This type of attack is a specialty of anonymous guerrillas operating in the web and who previously has successfully launched such attacks against the servers of Paypal, Master Card, Visa and the Church of Scientology. The Pirate Party aims as breach in computer security ParatenPad the application based on open source software called EtherPad with working since 2009 and in which users can create documents, along with political organization.

This would be the way that "outsiders and strangers," as long as the Pirate Party sources, have been using to set the attack on a French nuclear plant.

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