Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama travels to Europe to rebuild ties and address wars and revolts

Barack Obama today begins a six-day trip to Europe in the wars in Libya and Afghanistan and unrest in the Arab world monopolize the meetings. The economy, which until a few months dominated the transatlantic dialogue, may be relegated to a secondary position. The visit will stage a new attempt to rebuild ties.

Dilute the European Obamamania, found that Washington sends a leader who stands above all the interests of his country and is willing to pull the trigger to do so, European capitals seeking to avoid irrelevance and placed in a world in which U.S. President looks Asia and is reluctant to engage in the backyard of the EU.

The trip, the eighth U.S. President to Europe, start with a sentimental level: an evocation of the journey of John F. Kennedy in 1963 to the land of their ancestors. Obama will seek the time Kennedy in the village of Moneygall, where he allegedly lived an ancestor on her mother. The son of a black Kenyan and a white Kansan, the president has had to endure a few weeks ago suspicions that it was not a real American.

After displaying his certificate to prove the images taking a Guinness in Ireland can give you the final marking made in USA for the sectors of white America still wary of him. Any trip abroad, a U.S. president. UU. or any country, is mainly for domestic consumption. In this case, the Irish stage, and the subsequent visit to the Queen of England and the address to the British Parliament in the Palace of Westminster, the first of an American president, "to his fellow citizens reinforce his image as a statesman.

President Obama comes to Europe after a successful sign death of Osama bin Laden. In London and Deauville (France), where he will participate in the G-8 summit will open the debate on how to end the war in Afghanistan. EE. UU. plans to begin withdrawing troops this summer, but after the death of Bin Laden in the White House debate over the pace of the withdrawal remained open.

In the war in Libya, the superpower has tried to play a modest role, but the stagnation of the conflict may lead the Europeans to ask Obama more involved. In the G-8, attended by Egyptian and Tunisian representatives, the president of EE. UU. submit its plan of economic aid to Egypt and Tunisia to strengthen transitions.

The succession to the French head of IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, in New York accused of attempted rape, but will take the leaders in Deauville. The tour will end in Poland, restless, like other countries of the former Soviet orbit, by Obama will strengthen relations with Russia. This time, Spain does not appear in the president's European tour.

Planting a tree at the residence of the Irish Presidency U.S. President, Barack Obama, and his Irish counterpart, Mary McAleese, attended a ceremony today to plant a tree today on the grounds of the Irish presidential residence, reports EFE. On a windy day but when the sun peeks through the clouds, and McAleese Obama planted a tree near the Peace Bell, which honors the agreements to end violence in Northern Ireland.

The ceremony was also attended by Michelle Obama, who wore a pearl gray dress and black jacket, and Martin, husband of Irish President. Obama tree, an Irish oak, will add to the already planted by some of his predecessors as Bill Clinton or John Kennedy, and planted last week Queen Elizabeth II of England during his visit to this country.

The U.S. president, the seventh of his country to visit Ireland, arrived in Dublin at the start of a six-day visit to Europe, where their talks will be dominated by events in the Middle East. Obama, accompanied by his wife, arrived in the Irish capital at 09.25 pm (25.08 GMT). Immediately went to the residence of Irish President Mary McAleese, to a welcoming ceremony and signing the guest book.

After talking with the president, went to the residence of Prime Minister Enda Kelly, with whom he will address issues such as sovereign debt crisis in this country and the rescue plan worth 85,000 million euros. Ireland wants to renegotiate the rescue plan funded by the EU and the International Monetary Fund to reduce the interest rate, currently at 5.8 percent, and increase its duration.

Kenny look for Obama to win the backing of the Irish position in a conversation that also included among its affairs in the Middle East situation, the NATO intervention in Libya and the war in Afghanistan. The president plans to travel today to Moneygall, the village where he emigrated to the U.S.

one of its ancestors, and deliver a speech on bilateral relations, which is expected to allude to this country's financial crisis. He will also meet with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, before following morning trip to London, the second leg of his tour, for a state visit. Obama's tour will also take him to Deauville (France) to attend the G8 summit in Warsaw to conclude bilateral talks with the Polish authorities, focusing on the defense of Eastern Europe.

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