Monday, May 23, 2011

Spain - The passivity of young hides a storm

"This is just the beginning," promises the text in which the organization Juventud sin Futuro [Youth without a future] thank the participants in the demonstration on April 7 in Madrid. Between 1000 and 2000 people attended, but the organization is satisfied and places great hope in the next call, scheduled for mid-May.

What is certain is that at least one game of the young - that "the most educated youth" from the story that "will live less well than their parents" as their manifesto says - indignant and down the streets like their French activist asked the 93-year-Stéphane Hessel [in his book You indignation].

Whatever the attitude towards this movement - fear, rejection, paternalism, understanding, membership - everyone can understand why the indignation of the Spanish youth: a decade of job insecurity - if not galloping unemployment - , Life with 1000 euros per month, qualification for university graduates and difficulties (not to say impossible) to access to housing.

Today, after more than two years of economic crisis, youth unemployment (over 40%) is twice [...] read more on Presseurop. had

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