Monday, May 23, 2011

Day of surprises for the demonstrators # AcampadaParís

The day of protest on May 21 began at three in the afternoon on the steps of the Opera Bastille. It brought together more than three hundred people to participate in a protest that was increasingly creating more and more interest in the French population, which continued to come to ask what was the movement.

"We came prepared, had a member of the group's logistics movement. We manifest in Spanish, English and French for all. " The press was very large in place, and activists could scarcely suffice to attend to all media. According to the order of the day was organized for the coming days and this was done.

It was also reported to the press and interested bystanders to the extent that was possible. "It's important to have a good group of street information reflecting one of the activists, we have to see the population of Paris what is happening in our country so that we understand and know why we're here." By mid-afternoon came what would be the first conflict of the day, and arriving at the Place de la Bastille a manifestation of the Pro-Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, who flooded the place with shouts like "Freedom to Gbagbo," "Freedom for Africa "or" Sarkozy murderer.

" The police did not allow two events in the same plaza, and to keep them connected to a cause that was obviously not the persecuted, the group # acampadaparis moved to the Plaza of the Republic to continue his mission. Once there, read the manifesto of the movement and wanted measures were taken.

During the afternoon and evening an attempt was made to discuss how to make concrete and clear statements were consistent. After discussion it was decided to return to the Bastille, declared the movement's official site, national police and offered to escort the group to the Bastille in order to avoid abuses.

Halfway through the march was diluted with the sudden arrival of a bus of riot police, who surrounded a few minutes to much of the group barred in one of the entries in the Place de la Bastille. Minutes later, they were the same who escorted riot police cars along with the protesters on the Bastille.

The evening was filled with meetings and meetings in which the various participants in the movement. "I think we should be a new international movement encompassing in its manifesto the demands of all the people involved here, French and Spanish, and those to come. I think we should lay the foundations of global change and also make it a world demands that can be applied globally, "- said one of the activists vigorously." Yes, I sleep here today is to support and sustain the movement's Gate Sol - had one of those involved, I think every town has its particular problems and they all require specific measures must establish himself.

We can not here trying to change the world. Let's start supporting the cause of our country and solidaricémonos with French in all that we can not forget that they have few problems other than that they should try to solve them with their own revolution. "The result of this talk, a general manifesto remains intact and the creation of two committees, one French and one Spanish to try to create a list with their own proposals and measures that may converge or not an international commission that encompasses both.

At midnight the camp was held overnight in Bastille, at first with pretensions of being a permanent basis . 'We bedroom area, restaurant and entertainment "- one of the activists said pointing to each one of several places, is that the steps of the Opera of Paris were already home tinge." See that you clean I'm leaving the house - said a participant while sweeping the stairs.

We have to keep everything clean, our protest has to be peaceful and not have to cause discomfort in any way, we must try to be as careful as possible. " The night was spent in peace, until at 4 am the police asked the protesters to leave the room. The campers had no intention of leaving, and no enforcement reemphasized.

Hours later the camp woke up after what had been a calm night. Today breakfast, meetings, activities, workshops and more protests. "We're not going to go - one of the organizers confirmed" The only way this can be done well is to have continuity and we are persevering. "

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