Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ratko Mladic, a war criminal "to workers in the service of the European Union?

The life of Ratko Mladic in the last 16 years as a fugitive remains a mystery. But the villagers of Vojvodina begin to relate details of who now believe that the general accused of genocide that is trying to lose the mass. His neighbors in the village of Lazarevo just have made statements and usually respond with aggression to the press.

Even yesterday blocked access to the house where Mladic was discovered while singing nationalist songs. But in the nearest city, Zrenjanin, and there are witnesses who claim to have shared with him to hours of hard work load. According to the Serbian tabloid newspaper 'Blic' Mladic worked as a laborer in an area full of buildings financed by the European Union.

A student in his twenties said they have known it last summer and have even joked with him about his resemblance to the general accused of killing thousands in Srebrenica of Bosnian Muslims. "It looked like Mladic. I had no beard or mustache or been stained. Her hair was completely gray and had not shaved in several days.

Not hiding at all. I was fatter, but I did not believe it was Mladic. Once I asked if anyone had ever said that was much like Mladic. just laughed and said he thought many people, "says the student newspaper. The story is not confirmed by the Serbian authorities, which today still questioning yesterday Mladic after the process had to be suspended by bad physical conditions of the elderly.

If he was working in June 2010, as the tabloid, his health has deteriorated considerably during the past year. Yesterday shuffled to enter the courtroom and, according to local press, has an arm paralyzed by a stroke. During his arrest, a cousin, offered no resistance, despite having two guns nearby.

Mladic flees the arrest warrant of the Court of the Former Yugoslavia for nearly 16 years, the same that have passed since the infamous days of July 1995 his army attacked more than 7,000 men and adolescents in Srebrenica while Dutch UN soldiers fleeing the Bosnian enclave failed to protect.

Mladic is expected to be extradited next week to The Hague. Face charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed during the Bosnian war between 1992 and 1995, including also the site of 43 months of Sarajevo.

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