Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thousands of Syrians take to the streets in a new day of protests against Asad

Thousands of Syrians came Friday to the streets in several cities to participate in a new day of protests against the regime of Bashar Assad, according to opposition activists. The demonstrations are taking place in different neighborhoods of the capital, Damascus, and in the provinces and localities Altal, Homs, Alqureyah, Banias and Aleppo, according to information distributed by internet by opposition groups.

While reported violent clashes between protesters and security forces in some of these places, still no data on possible dead by police repression, which last Friday has left dozens dead. The same opposition sources said that in the early hours of this protest were dozens of detainees and an unknown number wounded.

Friday's protests began at the end of Friday noon prayers, the largest weekly religious celebration for Muslims. In general, the marches began leaving the mosque. The accounts given by opposition activists have been unable to be tested independently by the tight control of information imposed by the Assad regime.

The government has expelled several foreign journalists and arrested or banned from working with international media reporters. Friday in southern Iraq, seven people were shot dead by security forces, said the opposition group Sham. Sham, one of the most active groups in the demonstrations, also denounced the deployment of security forces in almost all cities have been the scene of demonstrations against the Syrian regime.

The day this Friday has been named on Friday of "Household Guards." Since mid-March began political protests in Syria in the heat of the rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt, nearly a thousand people have died following police intervention, according to estimates by human rights organizations.

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