Saturday, May 28, 2011

ZOOM - The "Russian Obama" turns his back to Putin

This farmer in the Volgograd region, from Guinea-Bissau is the only Russian citizen with black skin who ever tried to get elected, by appearing on the party list of Vladimir Putin, United Russia, in local elections in late 2009. Krima Joachim, 38, best known in his village under the name Vasily Ivanovich, was not elected, but his progressive ideas and the color of his skin made him famous throughout the country.

The Prime Minister personally congratulated him for his last year's initiative. The producer of watermelons were renovating itself a road to his village. Earlier this month, the one dubbed the "Obama Volgograd" was about him making his membership card to United Russia and publishing an open letter to Prime Minister in which he accused the party of power being "an obstacle to the democratization of the country." He told the Nezavisimaya Gazetacomment at the end of the torrid summer of 2010, he wanted to send humanitarian aid in the form of 20 tons of watermelons, people affected by the wildfires and called for aid ship the regional branch of United Russia.

He then hit "a wall of misunderstanding". Watermelons have simply rotted on the ground. Joaquim Krim, who believes in the modernization policy of President Medvedev announced son'intention to join the Just Russia party.

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