Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Air France plane crashed into the Atlantic in 3 ½ minutes

Paris (Editor) .- The pilots tried to gain control of the aircraft of Air France flight AF447 for more than four minutes before the device fell to the Atlantic Ocean with the nose up, killing 228 people, said French researchers said on Friday. The crash of 2009 began with a warning of loss of control after two and a half hours flight from Rio to Paris, and shortly after the captain abandoned the car briefly to start a routine rest period, reports Reuters.

The Airbus A330 went up to 38,000 feet and then began a decline of three and a half minutes, going from left to right, during which the youngest of the three pilot handed control to the second most experienced one minute before the accident. Before crashing both drivers said that "none of the information was correct speed", according to information recorded by the black boxes.

The account of events gave the authority to investigate accidents in France, BEA, who said it was too early to give the cause of the accident before being made public a more detailed report in the summer.

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