Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Chilean government confirmed that the exhumed body is that of Salvador Allende

Santiago de Chile. - The Chilean government confirmed today that the body exhumed from the cemetery on Monday for the former socialist president Salvador Allende, who died in a military coup in 1973. Ratification, provided by the Legal Medical Service, was made based on a comparison of dental allowed "watch features full correspondence ante and post mortem examined," it said.

The organization, mandated by the Justice to lead these skills, he added that the studies to validate the causes of death of Allende will be in three weeks. The surveys, commissioned by the family of former president also revealed that Allende's remains were intact, without loss of parts, despite the burials and exhumations of 1973 and 1990.

The tests are developed for seven and five Chilean foreign experts at the request of Judge Mario Carroza. Allende, in the version of his own advisers and friends, committed suicide with an AK-47 given by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro when he defended the currency of the military assault.

The exhumation of Allende is registered in an effort by the Supreme Court to investigate all human rights violations committed during the military dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet. Allende, one of the top leaders of Latin America's left, always told her not surrender nearby in case of a military coup.

"By the cemetery," warned his ministers.

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