Saturday, May 28, 2011

IMMIGRATION - Sarkozy and Berlusconi, irresponsible arsonists

Inspector Barnabyest a famous British series aired on ITV, whose success can not be denied for fourteen seasons. The action is at the heart of the English countryside in a small fictional town of Causton, supposed to embody all the small villages of traditional England. Moreover, according to its producer, Brian True-May (real name), precisely because it is the stereotype of an English village that can accommodate any resident who is not white .

In March, Brian True-May has even justified the lack of "ethnic diversity" in claiming that Causton was the last "bastion of English identity". He was provisionally suspended from his duties. This sanction is probably a reflection of political correctness and a big mistake. But this view of English identity was not the finest.

The Independent moreover made a finding contradicted by investigating the scene of the shooting in the small village of Wallingford, in the heart of the beautiful county of Oxfordshire [southeast], chosen for its Saxon ruins but also for its complicity with Agatha Christie. The novelist has indeed lived two miles south of Wallingford, in the parish of Cholsey.

Wallingford is an authentic English village, but not the meaning of Mr. True-May. There is a restaurant Indo-Bangladesh led for years by Zillur Mohamed Shah and his family, a restaurant and a tandoori kebab. The nurse who works in the retirement home just Trinidad and Tobago, and in the streets of many English have darker complexion than the unflappable Inspector Barnaby characters.

Dear Mr. True-May has probably had much to do to prevent them from appearing in the streets of Causton and to continue to convince spectators that follow the successful series in New Zealand, Hungary, Denmark or Sri Lanka as the small villages of Oxfordshire Pretties are like this, and not as the more real and enjoyable Wallingford.

The history of these two villages - the real and the television - drew perhaps the European reality. A Europe that is bent on seeing shapes that no mirror will reflect. Britain is not like that any more than is France, Germany, Italy or Spain. And it will soon become part of European identity, not because we "invaded" but because the EU is going to need foreign workers if it wants to boost growth, as shown by the predictions German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), which requires urgent 500 000 new immigrants to sustain growth.

And if it were not so, if immigrants did not arrive in France, Spain or Italy, it would be much more worrisome because it would mean that Europe is finally dead. The lamentable spectacle offered in Rome on April 26, by Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy [about restoring border controls] should worry more European citizens that the arrival of several thousand Tunisian and Libyan immigrants.

Entrusting the Schengen Agreement on the far right as did two inconsistent is an idiot. And lose much time playing with fire is just as stupid. We had better assume our responsibilities in North Africa and look at ourselves, dirtier than it looks. Sarkozy, from a Hungarian family, would do well to focus more on the consequences for Europe of what happens in Budapest rather than maneuvers his Italian colleague.

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