Friday, May 27, 2011

Mladic a mason of 69 years who lived in a quiet part of Serbia

Belgrade Serbia .- The press said today that Serbian war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic, was arrested yesterday in northern Serbia, worked as a mason in the province of Vojvodina, where he had hidden in the house of a cousin. The Blic daily interview with a student, who claims to have worked last year with Mladic, 69, a construction site in Zrenjanin, 85 miles north of Belgrade, reports EFE.

"It was like a worker either. We worked together and I am shocked. I can not believe that is actually Komandic Milorad Ratko Mladic," said the young man, identified by the newspaper only as RR Some Serbian media claim that Mladic had a false identity, which The authorities have denied and, although it is possible that the exmilitar simply identified with another name.

The student said that in summer last year with Mladic shared lunch at a construction site partly funded by the European Union (EU). He even went on to say he had a strong resemblance to the wanted war criminal, to which he would have responded with a laugh that "many seem to Mladic." The student adds in the interview that Mladic "never talked politics.

It seemed a simple man who made the work easier." "The only thing that could be related to Mladic was his physical resemblance," he says in the interview RR Blic, a daily tabloid, the most widely read of Serbia. This information draws attention because the detainee is as a defense in pretty bad condition, so yesterday was interrupted the first examination of the prosecution.

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