Friday, April 1, 2011

VENEZUELA - Chavez will pay dearly for its support to Gaddafi

The president [Hugo Chávez] has demanded an end to "indiscriminate shelling" in Libya. Who directed it? Security Council UN, who spoke for a long week before making his decision? Or his friend and adviser of eternal re-election, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who last month killing all his opponents on Libyan territory? It seems that for the Bolivarian government [of Venezuela], the notion of civilian casualties only applies to humans living in areas that still controls the Libyan dictator.

Thus, according to President Chavez, people in areas that were raised against the government of Libya has the status of human beings and can therefore be bombarded by forces loyal to the dictator. In other words, we should all applaud the systematic massacre. If one follows the reasoning of inhuman Chavez government, the Libyan cities or insurgent can not defend themselves or seek international assistance, because in so doing they betray their supreme leader.

Opponents must die in silence in this country what prison Libya. Wanting to escape to freedom is tantamount to arguing imperialism. That shamelessly supports the Chavez government? Over forty years of a regime which, decade after decade, has seized the oil wealth for the benefit of the Gaddafi family, friends and senior military hierarchy.

They are all rotten with petrodollars and should already be on the red list of Interpol. But they survive by saying besieged by imperialism. Our president is silent accomplice and dares to say anything outrageous fortunes of the children of the dictator Gaddafi raised and invested abroad in banks capitalists.

Fortunes could improve the lives of tens of thousands of young people who take to the streets to demand a better future. According to foreign banks that have reached monumental corruption ever seen. In keeping silent about it, the Venezuelan government and its main spokesman is secured to make this enormous diversion of public funds has been Libya.

Whatever happens, when events and to settle a consensual solution to the problem will emerge Libya, the Venezuelan government will bear the scars of its support for a vast system of corruption which, obviously, could fuel the rebellion against the regime.

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