Friday, April 1, 2011

France deployed its troops to intervene in the conflict in Ivory Coast

Gallic soldiers from the Ivory Coast patrolling the streets of some neighborhoods in Abidjan to prevent looting, to the situation of confusion experienced by the city for the offensive of the forces of President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, said the Chiefs France. According to French media, Gauls citizens have been targeted by Ivorians, like other Europeans and Lebanese.

The citizens were escorted to the French military base in Ivory Coast, they said. The General Staff said it was not necessary to open fire in the interventions. Ouattara forces are loyal to the gates of Abidjan, where outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo has refused to relinquish power. According to the latest information from the NATO mission in the country, police and gendarmes have "abandoned" Gbagbo, which favored the advance of troops Ouattara.

Meanwhile, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon on Thursday called for Gbagbo to "give away power," the president-elect and appealed to the parties to avoid the "revenge." Ban "calls former President Laurent Gbagbo to immediately cede power to the President Ouattara to start the full transition from state institutions to the legitimate authorities," said the UN through a press release.

In Washington, a State Department spokesman warned Gbagbo is running out of options to make your exit. "Gbagbo's military capacity has disintegrated ... There is still time to relinquish power. But that time is very scarce."

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