Friday, April 1, 2011

Musa Kusa, a faithful follower traitor Gaddafi

It has been a faithful servant of the Libyan leader, his greatest support abroad, its negotiator, the head of the secret services, the Minister of Foreign Affairs ... and now one of the first traitors Gadhafi to abandon ship. Musa Kusa, who has taken refuge in London after dropping out of Tripoli, was one of the key men that allowed the return of Libya to the international scene as seemingly insurmountable closing fronts as the Lockerbie bombing, the dismantling of Libya's nuclear program in 2003 or the case of the Bulgarian nurses held in July 2007.

He was head of Libyan intelligence for 15 years (1994-2009), when it was to be responsible for Foreign Affairs of Gaddafi's regime, replacing Abdulrahman Shalgham, the Libyan ambassador to the UN, who also defected a few weeks ago. Thus, Musa Kusa went from representing the dark side of the system, one of the strong men of the revolutionary committee, to lead the opening of Libya to negotiate compensation with the families of the 270 Lockerbie dead or getting lift the U.S.

embargo the country. It is served for both his experience in London, where he was ambassador in 1980, and their studies in U.S. territory, where he did a masters at the University of Michigan. Born into a poor family, Musa Kusa (60 years) got training abroad through grants and scholarships that the Gaddafi regime itself was issued.

And he chose the U.S. as a destination. In fact, his children have American citizenship. In 1984, he joined the Mathaba, a foundation to coordinate the liberation movements worldwide, especially in Africa and Latin America.

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