Friday, April 1, 2011

Investigate NATO's bombing of civilians by coalition

Since this morning, the Alliance is responsible for all operations to repel the attacks of the regime of Gaddafi, ensure compliance air exclusion zone and avoid arriving by sea or mercenaries weapons to Libya. But nothing officially assume control, the complaint is that at least 40 civilians have died in bombings of aircraft of its allies (still acting the same, mainly British, French and American).

The representative of the Vatican in Libya, Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, said Thursday that the victims are several neighborhoods in Tripoli, most by the collapse of a building. "The so-called humanitarian bombings have left dozens dead," said Martinelli. NATO investigate what by now describes as "press reports".

"I am aware of it ... The research and present the details," said the head of operations, the Canadian General Charles Bouchard, in a press conference. Pressed on the matter, the military said the case is taken "very seriously" and that NATO respects the international rules within the legal framework of the UN.

"Our goal is to protect civilians," insisted the general. "We are making history," he said. It is recalled that the operation prevented from starting the UK and Canada gave orders to return to several planes because of the risk of endangering the lives of civilians. In operation, and in different functions, involving a dozen of the 28 allies, but the president of the Alliance's military committee, Gianpaolo Di Paola, refused today to identify them.

Turkey and the Netherlands have already anticipated that they will not be present in any bombing. Also contribute more than half a dozen countries outside the Alliance, such as Qatar and UAE.

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