Friday, April 1, 2011

The crackdown on protests in Syria has caused 109 deaths, according to NGOs

At least 109 people have died in the crackdown on political protests that erupted on March 18 to demand democratic reforms in Syria, as reported today two Syrian NGOs. In a statement, the National Organization for Human Rights and the Damascus Center for Theoretical Studies and Human Rights said they published a list of names of the dead and prisoners, and the causes of his death and where died .

In addition, NGOs, stressing that the violence of security forces is being deliberate, condemning "arbitrary arrests, kidnapping of dead and wounded and intimidation of citizens" by the security forces. In connection with the statements of Syrian officials and the speech made yesterday by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the two organizations have expressed their surprise at the behavior of the Syrian authorities that "ignore the legitimate demands for reforms despite recognize them by making promises.

" In his address to the nation, Al Asad spoke yesterday of "a great conspiracy" against Syria, while stressing the need for reform, and today it has formed a commission to study the possibility of lifting the emergency law imposed since 1963. NGOs condemn further treatment "inhumane and illegal protesters and emphasizes that" what is happening in Syria is a clear and direct violation of the rights and freedoms of the majority of Syrian people.

" In this sense, requires "the formation of an independent national commission composed of persons qualified to be accountable and criminalized those who have committed crimes against demonstrators in Deraa and other Syrian cities." Today, one of the groups participating in the demonstrations, identified as Syrian Revolution of 2011, "reported the death of a person yesterday and urged all Syrians to demonstrate tomorrow after the noon prayer in every city in the country to demand democratic reform, in what critics have dubbed the "Friday the martyrs." Syria investigate the deaths of civilian protesters and effective security forces during clashes in the towns of Dera and Latakia, reports state news agency SANA said Thursday.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has also promised to form a committee to resolve the issue of the census of 1962, which left thousands of stateless Syrian Kurds. The news agency also indicated that the president will form a legal committee to study emergency legislation to lift a decades-long effect.

The March 15 protests erupted demanding democratic reforms in several cities, lit with special intensity in Deraa (south) and were harshly suppressed by the security forces.

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