Friday, April 1, 2011

EUROPEAN UNION - Sweep in corrupt MEPs

The bomb exploded on March 20 with the revelations of the Sunday Times about the ease with which elected to Parliament are trying to influence European legislation at the request of lobbyists and cons remuneration. It was on a hidden camera report by the Austrian Ernst Strasser (Christian Democrat ÖVP-PEP) has revealed that he worked for five companies "for an annual income of 100,000 euros" in areas as diverse that "competition, sport, health, education or anything else." According to the journalists of The Sunday Times, like Strasser - who has resigned from his political mandate - MEPs Adrian Severin, former Deputy Prime Minister of Romania, and Zoran Thaler, former Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, were busy also to amend EU legislation in favor of a British finance company.

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