Friday, April 1, 2011

LIBYA - A just war, fuzzy goals

It is "a more European war" in Kosovo, says the editorial in El País Xavier Vidal-Folch, for whom, as in the Balkans in 1999, "the action against Libya was launched when the Western public opinion has reached a humanitarian point of no return: the European conscience could not tolerate more killings close to home.

" But the war in Libya "is more improvised" and "can count with all the blessings possible" Security Council of the UN. This "strict international legality is the key that distinguishes the 'just war' that which is not." "Operation Dawn of the Odyssey is largely this 'just war' of which Cicero spoke and Tomas Aquinas" seems to respond in Rzeczpospolita columnist Marek Magierowski, which emphasizes that "today, Muslims unite with the infidel West to overthrow a dangerous madman.

" For România Libera, it is above all a "war to the French." The Bucharest daily stresses that Nicolas Sarkozy has ruled out NATO's "entertainment" because the French president "must above all [...] read more on Presseurop. Eu

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