Friday, April 1, 2011

London calling to the environment Gaddafi to stop the dictator only

London .- The British Foreign Minister, William Hague, Thursday called on politicians close to Muammar al-Gaddafi who leave, as did the Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, who arrived Wednesday in the UK. Speaking to reporters at the Foreign Office, Hague said last night Kusa, who arrived from Tunisia, is questioned by British officials but not been offered immunity from prosecution British or international.

Kusa's decision to stop part of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi has shown that the Libyan regime is "fragmented, under pressure and is falling apart." The owner of British diplomacy confirmed that Kusa decided on its own will travel to the UK and was its main "channel of communication" in recent weeks.

"Gadhafi must be wondering now who will be next (to abandon)," said Hague, who arrived last night confirmed that Kusa's military airport Farnborough, southern England. He added that Gaddafi has lost all legitimacy "and called on politicians close to him who leave and join" a better future for Libya to allow a political transition and reforms that meet the aspirations of the Libyan people.

" Kusa has decided to talk to British officials, including members of the British Embassy in Tripoli, now based in London, and Ambassador Richard Northern, said. In announcing last night the news of the arrival of Kusa in the UK, a Foreign Office spokesman said Kusa is one of the leading figures of Gaddafi's government.

"His role was to represent the international regime, which does not continue ", said the spokesman. The official confirmation Kusa's resignation came after intense speculation about his intentions to defect. Tunisian TAP agency had reported on Tuesday that he had come to Tunisia, which had not explained the reasons for his trip.

When in the last few hours it spread was way in the UK, the Libyan regime reported traveling to carry out diplomatic missions on behalf of Gaddafi. But once they became aware of their intentions, the Foreign Office was quick to report that he intended to resign his portfolio as head of the Libyan regime diplomacy.

Kusa, who worked several years as a diplomat in London, is considered a key figure to convince Gaddafi to renounce terrorism.

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