Friday, April 1, 2011

Italy has received 22,000 immigrants from North Africa in a month and a half

Rome .- Around 22,000 immigrants have landed on Italian shores from North Africa in the last month and a half, reported the Interior Minister Roberto Maroni. Maroni provided these figures in a press conference after the Council of Ministers' extraordinary meeting Thursday to discuss the issue of immigration in the country.

Of these 22,000, around 2,000 are refugees from Libya, most of Eritrean and Somali, while "the rest are all Tunisian illegal immigrants," said the minister. The Italian government has agreed on an "emergency plan" to the various regions of Italy and have given new places to accommodate both refugees and illegal immigrants.

This plan "is attached to the structures that already exist" and he "can cope with a demand for more than 10,000 jobs, hoping that they are not necessary." "We selected sites in all regions, excluding the Abruzzi, to house both refugees and illegal immigrants. It is a serious emergency that requires solidarity and participation of all regions", coincided Maroni.

The details of the plan and the location of the new sites identified by the Government will be presented tomorrow to the representatives of the regions and local institutions in a meeting at the Ministry of Interior. Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, he told local media after the meeting that his department will transfer seven spaces, all in the north.

"We can not accept attitudes of rejection is a serious emergency that requires the participation of all regions," said Maroni, who said that in areas where they have temporary accommodation centers for immigrants to ensure the necessary security measures . Maroni said that there are two types of centers: one for illegal immigrants who are welcomed to await repatriation, refugees and others.

To cope with the emergency, Maroni stressed the need for Tunisia to carry out effective control of the ship sailing from its shores and opted for repatriation of illegal immigrants are in Italy. "The problem will be solved only if their costs and Tunisia blocks repatriate immigrants who have left the country," he said.

In line with what today also expressed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Maroni said that the Tunisian authorities are not respecting agreements to stem the outflow of immigrants and that "there is no willingness to accept the repatriation of the 19,000 Tunisians who have already been identified.

" Maroni said Berlusconi has asked to be put in contact with the Tunisian authorities to get things even "if necessary", moving to Tunisia.

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