Friday, April 1, 2011

Radiation detected 10,000 times higher than normal in the water under Fukushima

Reaction levels detected in the waters of an underground tunnel located on the exterior of a turbine reactor number two in the Fukushima nuclear power plant-1 in Japan, is 10,000 times above normal in the reactors, said Thursday the company operating the nuclear plant. The Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said, quoted by Kyodo news agency, that is Nives radiation found in groundwater near a turbine of a plant reactor.

He also indicated that were detected abnormal levels of radioactive cesium in meat from the area of Fukushima. A plant spokeswoman says the company does not believe the drinking water supply is affected. Naoyuki Matsumoto The Spokesman said that these high levels of iodine-131 were measured in groundwater beneath 15 meters of one of the six reactors at the plant.

Going back up again radiation levels near the center of Fukushima. The latest data that the meters had been detected was that the rate of radioactive iodine was 3,355 times higher than normal in a water sample taken more than 300 meters from the reactors.

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