Saturday, June 11, 2011

Al Qaeda: "Western leaders, easy targets. Look at Berlusconi and the Pope "

Silvio Berlusconi hit by the statue of Duomo. It 's one of the last productions of "As Sahab," the acronym that distributes videos of Al Qaeda. And there appear numerous members of the group. Among them Azzam the American, California-born militant has become one of the voices of the movement.

In the video, aired on June 2, Azzam calls on followers to Jihad individual and cites two episodes to show how easy it is to hit the Western leaders. The first reference is to a woman trying to get close to the Pope during the Mass on Christmas 2008. The second is the assault, with the launch of the statuette in the shape of the Duomo, against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Milan.

According to the spokesman - whose real name is Adam Gadahn - the case of events that demonstrate how the security is relative. An armed man is also a simple gun could have done much damage. In addition, the spokesman said that a coup brought in a Western country has a big impact propaganda.
Azzam recommends that followers of Al Qaeda to be very cautious and trust no one. By examining numerous arrests of terrorists in the U.S. or Europe, the spokesman explains them with the limited security measures taken by these cells. But if the mujahedin are careful, avoid talking too much - it is the council - the chances of success grow.

Go, then, expanded the list of targets journalists, personalities of the economy and any unprotected goal. For the analysis of intelligence experts Gadahn confirms the difficulty of organizing al-Qaeda attack complex. The call to Jihad individual is the proof: it means - say analysts - that the movement must rely on the spontaneity is likely to encounter problems in creating networks in the past.

And even when there is a structure - as happened with the failed attack on the Northwest jet - the action is entrusted to a single bomber. Other observers, while agreeing with this interpretation, please do not underestimate the ability of some groups based in Yemen and Pakistan.

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