Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Tyrol is selling two mountains

A view of montagneMILANO - are now also sold in the Alps: the case in Austria, where two peaks in the Tyrol were put on the market at a price of € 121 000. Who is selling the small town of Kartitsch in Gailtal, in Alta, a few miles from the Italian border. According to the newspaper "Die Presse" in its online version, is the Great Kinigat, also known as Horse Mountain (2690 meters), and Rosskopf, known as Monte Cavallo (2600 m).

The buyer would find itself in possession of 1.2 million square meters, the highest in the region of East Tyrol. TWENTY BUYERS - Josef Ausserlechner, Kartitsch mayor of a small alpine town of 800 souls, commented: "In Greece, the islands are sold here are sold and the mountains." Until 2001, the owner of the Alps was the Republic of Austria, then the Federal Estate Company (Big) bought the peaks for 300 000 €.

According to the newspaper "Kleine Zeitung", they would come forward and 20 concerned the auction will begin on July 8. If there was a new owner, however, writes, "Die Presse", would not change certain conditions of use of the two mountains. 'Fence and close them, of course, it is not possible, "explained the mayor Ausserlechner.

And the planes will continue to fly.

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