Saturday, June 11, 2011

Europe blesses the integration of Croatia into the European Union

The European Commission today gave the green light to Croatia's accession to the European Union (EU), bringing the Western Balkan country became the member number 28 of the bloc. Once the governments of the 27 members give their approval, Croatia could enter the block in mid-2013, said the EU executive president Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said in a statement, reports DPA.

"Today is a historic day for Croatia and the European Union (...) I would like to congratulate the Croatian people. The fact that his country will join the EU is, above all, credit for them," he added Portuguese. From now on, the European Commission's proposal will be discussed by the Heads of State and European governments, who have the final word for the Balkan country's accession.

Then have to sign an accession treaty, which must also be subject to the approval of the 27 countries of the Mercosur and the European Parliament, in addition to the Croatian population by referendum

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