Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syria: Army attacked Jisr al Schughur

The Syrian army began on Friday a large-scale operation against the town of Jisr al Schughur and surrounding villages. Their mission was to regain control of the region and arrest "armed gangs", reported the Syrian state television. The operation was taking place on the request of the inhabitants of the city and this obligation come after the soldiers claimed the station.

Residents who fled to the border with Turkey objected, claiming that armed gangs were staying in the city. In the operation were 30,000 soldiers involved, reported the Turkish broadcaster CNN. Support the troops were by helicopter. Human rights activists reported that tanks had taken several towns near Jisr al Schughur under fire, killing dozens of people or hurt.

Commanded, the operation of Maher al Assad, a brother of President Bashar al Assad for the 4th Brigade and the Republican Guard is responsible. On Friday, Syria rallies were held around rather than against the regime. Many stood in the sign of solidarity with the residents of Jisr al Schughur.

In Homs Daraa and security forces shot and killed several demonstrators sharp. Syrian refugees waiting at the Turkish border to flee to the neighboring country to find the meantime in the Yemeni capital Sanaa mass demonstrations by supporters of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the opposition instead.

Salih's followers celebrated the news that the president, who was not to be seen since the attack a week ago in the public soon and wanted to return from Saudi Arabia. The opposition announced to set up a transitional assembly, Salih was not officially relinquish his duties to his deputy Abdurrabo Mansur Hadi.

In the State party to Salih's son Ahmad has set, the rejects talks with the opposition. He has moved into the office of his father at the presidential palace and strengthens the presence of the Republican Guard commanded by him in Sanaa. Reports of an impending operation in Jisr al Schughur had triggered in recent days, a wave of refugees in the nearby Turkey.

About 2,700 people sought refuge in the neighboring country now. In Jisr al Schughur in the past week, some 120 police and soldiers had been killed. Campaigners, there was a mutiny came from soldiers who had refused to continue to use violence against demonstrators. The assertion of the rule in Jisr al Schughur Idlib and the surrounding province is important for the retention of power by President Assad.

The city is now left almost entirely. "It is virtually a ghost town," said a former student of the university there. "Almost everyone has fled to neighboring villages, but many are prepared to Turkey to move on, if Assad's troops, they begin to hunt." The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is the escalation in Syria to distance to the leadership in Damascus.

Erdogan denounced the regime had the support after he had called Assad several times in vain to fundamental reforms and a peaceful solution, Turkish media reported on Friday. In an interview Erdogan has accused Assad inhuman act. "Now and addressed by the UN Security Council with Syria.

Given the violence, we can no longer support Syria, "Erdogan said in a television interview the day before. For Turkey, which has a nearly 900-kilometer border with Syria, was the conflict in the neighboring country as an internal affair, "said Erdogan. Nor could his country refugees who tried to flee from violence, not just lock the door.

The Turkish Red Crescent was built in the province of Hatay Altinözü in a third tent city that can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Meanwhile, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Syria to grant the Agency with access to injured and arrested. The Red Cross did not receive "meaningful access" to those parts of the country in which it came to clashes with troops of the regime, ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger said on Friday.

Although the organization last month, limited access to the cities Daraa, Tartous and Homs has been named, but this had not been enough to work efficiently, "said Kellenberger. He was ready to lead in Syria talks with the authorities, added the ICRC President. Human rights organizations say that more than 1,300 people in the crackdown have been killed by anti-government demonstrations, most of the victims were unarmed.

A spokeswoman for the government said that 500 security forces had left during the revolt of her life. With thousands of refugees from Syria in Turkey, the federal government has promised German support. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle promised the Turkish government on Friday in Berlin "humanitarian assistance".

Details he did not name. Westerwelle spoke in Berlin "very concerned" about the development in Syria. He also appealed to other member countries of the UN Security Council to adopt a joint Syrian-Resolution. "This is a question of moral authority of the United Nations," said the FDP politician.

"There must stand together all partners in the Security Council and find a clear answer." Against a UN resolution is so far above all the resistance from veto powers Russia and China. A date to be voted on the resolution when there is not enough.

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