Saturday, June 11, 2011

New clashes in Syria are settled with at least 22 dead opponents

Cairo .- At least 22 people were killed Friday and dozens were injured in the crackdown on demonstrations calling for the downfall of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in different areas, according to several Syrian opposition groups. The Sham Syrian opposition group said four protesters were killed in the town of Ariha near Jisr al Shugur (northwest), where on Friday stormed Army forces supported by tanks.

This organization also reported on its Web site Facebook killed three people in the neighborhood Qabun in Damascus, and the death of two people in Latakia (northwest) and two in Basra to Harir, sullen Area , south of the capital. Syrian Revolution, one of the training activities that support the protests, reported the deaths of six people, three in Qabun, two in Basra to Hariri and the other in Latakia.

For its part, the opposition group also Flash about four fatalities, two in Basra to Harir, one in Latakia and a fourth in Al Sarmaniya, also near Jisr al Shugur. The Syrian Observatory reported Ong for his part in the website the death of five people in Basra al-Hariri, Qabun and Latakiya.

In addition Sham has said that security forces had fired from helicopters against civilians in the city of Maarra to Neeman, located in the province of Idleb, and an unknown number of dead and wounded. For their part, state television has said that several members of the security forces of this population have been killed or wounded in an attack by armed terrorist groups against a police station.

The television said the attack was carried out with medium weapons, bombs and dynamite. The information could not be verified by other sources because of the tight control that the authorities are on the media. State television, which has been continuously monitoring the day, has reported that there have been only limited concentrations after some prayer, and has insisted that armed groups in different populations have fired on security forces and civilians .

3,000 Syrian border Syrian turcaEl number of refugees who have crossed the border with Turkey until Friday, has now risen to about 3,000, officials said Friday Turkey. Most came from the border town of Jisr al Shugur, northwest of Syria after the news spread that the army was preparing to storm the city, which Damascus responsible for the deaths of 120 police on 6 June.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has set up a center for refugees and the Turkish authorities have sent 370,000 euros to meet the urgent needs of these people. The semi-official agency Anadolu reported that the majority of Syrians who have entered Turkey from Monday are elderly, women and children for which you will find two more camps with tents in the border area.

The Turkish authorities have taken measures to prevent the infiltration of Kurdish rebels among the refugees, by controlling identity documents. One of the first camp was established at the border crossing in the town Yayladag Turkish and others were raised today Boynuyogun Altinozu and also in southern Turkey.

The Turkish authorities sent to these centers 600 tents, 6,000 blankets, 3,000 mattresses, field kitchens and sanitary facilities. The number admitted to hospitals in the province of Hatay is 60, but witnesses at the Turkish border town of Guvecci assured the Syrian side in groups of people waiting to leave the country, including several wounded.

Yusuf Guler, prefect of the border region Reyhanli, said he has declared high alert signal to prepare for an influx of Syrians. Turkish officials fear that the operation launched by the Syrian army against civilians in areas near the Turkish border, causing the arrival of many refugees.

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that "unfortunately, (the Syrians) do not behave like human beings. Now there is brutality", after repeating that Turkey can not close the doors to those fleeing for their lives. "We are closely following intelligence reports that reach us daily from Syria.

We are preparing for the worst civilian and military scenarios," said today the Turkish President, Abdullah Gül.

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