Saturday, June 11, 2011

Overtaking on the web: the 'Huffington Post' in front of the New York Times

The Huffington Post, the popular blog founded just five years ago by Arianna Huffington, has passed in terms of unique users by none other than the site of the New York Times, the largest U.S.

newspaper and possibly the world. The figures, made public by the company comScore analysis, are clear: the blog in the last month won 35.5 million against 33.59 million unique users who visited the site of daily life in the Big Apple. Two the principal reasons which have led to this historic overtaking: the sale of the popular blog of the giant AOL (America Online) and the new access to the payment of the New York Times.

In the first case, the Huffington Post, who until a few months recorded just under 24 million unique users, after integration with the AOL portal U.S. occurred in February has increased by about 30% the number of its readers. The daily New York, however, from about three months is experimenting with the paid online access (users can read for free up to 20 articles per month, then are forced to pay), which has certainly increased the profits of the head (about 100,000 readers they subscribe to web pages of the Journal of the Big Apple), but limited its expansion in the blogosphere (from last March, the website of the New York Times has lost about 11, 7% of unique users, while in the last year won "only" a million new readers).

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