Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tension between Vietnam and China for naval maneuvers

Hanoi .- Vietnam announced Friday live-fire naval maneuvers in the South China Sea amid an escalation of the tension caused by the friction it has with Beijing following the dispute between sovereignty over maritime areas which both claim. The announcement was made in a statement posted on the web site's official state agency for Maritime Security Cooperation in the North the day after the Vietnamese Government to denounce the second case of harassment of its ships by the Chinese.

According to the agency for maritime safety, the maneuvers will take place off the coast of Quang Nam province in central Vietnam, and during which they used live ammunition. He also warns that circumvent ships navigate the area in which you perform the maneuvers. The naval exercises presumably provoke a reaction from China, Vietnam on Thursday accused of armed warships for the purpose of expelling Chinese fishing boats in the area it considers its sovereignty.

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