Saturday, June 11, 2011

Libya: Gaddafi Turkey guaranteed safe passage into exile

The flag of the rebels: If they conquer Tripoli, the insurgency could spread towards Tripoli 11th June 2011 2011-06-11 13:21:08 created new fronts in Libya: the first time since the beginning of the war in the North African desert nation of soldiers Muammar Gaddafi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site city Gadamis under fire have taken.

Gaddafi's troops retaliate for recent protests in the oasis on the border between Libya and Algeria, said a rebel spokesman. Also in the held by the government Mediterranean city Slitan fighting had broken out, which could open up Gaddafi's opponents access to the capital on the coast. Slitan is between Tripoli and the rebel stronghold Misrata.

A rebel spokesman said in Benghazi, to be Slitan fought since Thursday. Gaddafi's troops had killed 22 insurgents. The rebels have been brought but a part of the city under their control. Slitan is one of three cities between the rebels and the capital city Misrata Tripoli, in the hands of Gadhafi's supporters.

If the rebels win Slitan, the insurgency could spread further in the direction of Tripoli. The reports of fighting in Gadamis Slitan and there was initially no further confirmation. Gaddafi said the government the time being not to do so. Meanwhile, guaranteed by the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Gaddafi safe passage into exile.

"Gaddafi has no choice but to leave Libya, and with the help of the securities being offered to him," Erdogan said on Turkish television on Friday evening. Turkey had already sent him an offer. Which guarantees these are led Erdogan not elaborate. "We told him we would help him to get to the place of his choice," said Erdogan.

As a NATO member, Turkey would negotiate with its Western allies on the passage which Gaddafi exile solution. "Unfortunately we have received from Gaddafi still no response," said Erdogan visibly frustrated. The Turkish prime minister accused the Libyan authorities before also playing for time.

"I have contacted him six or seven times. We sent our special envoy to him, but we were constantly confronted with delay tactics, "said Erdogan. Thus, the Libyan leadership had called for a ceasefire shortly after the Gaddafi had troops bombarded again. Before the start of the conflict, Libya, Turkey was among the allies Gaddafi.

The predominantly Muslim country had close economic relations with the North African state. But since the protests began in Libya in February, which ultimately resulted in a civil war, Erdogan has distanced himself from Gaddafi and repeatedly urged him to resign. Gaddafi had recently declared that he would rather die as martyrs, than to surrender.

Meanwhile, stops at the Flüchlingsstrom from Libya: Again, more than 660 boat people reach the Italian island of Lampedusa rocks. At least 300 of the immigrants come from Libya, including many women and children, Italian media reported on Saturday. All had arrived the night before, barely seaworthy boats in three south on the island of Sicily.

According to the Italian Coast Guard at least two other vessels with a total of about 250 people on board during the day were expected. According to recent information provided by the Italian Interior Ministry since the beginning of the unrest were stranded in North Africa in January about 42 800 immigrants on Italian shores, more than 33,000 to Lampedusa.

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