Saturday, June 11, 2011

SWEDEN - The lucky scavengers in Europe

Just last hundred years, Sweden was operating its first waste incineration plant. Since then, waste has become the main source of energy Swedish, ahead of oil and gas. They provide more energy than hydro and nuclear sources combined. Biomass consists of plant and animal waste (as well as humans), is widely used in the production of electricity and heat.

It is a transportation fuel and raw material for industry. Most cities in Sweden are heated by thermal power either directly by the combustion of waste, either by the biogas produced from them. The heating of the Swedish capital is now provided mainly by the cogeneration plant Högdalen and some ancillary facilities, located in close proximity to residential areas.

The protests of the inhabitants? There's never had. Officials of the Central Högdalen like to point out that the gas escapes from its chimney contains many toxic substances than exhaled smoke in the street.

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