Sunday, June 5, 2011

Called a demonstration in Rabat against the heavy hand of the riot

The youth of February 20 are not alone. Is the message he wants to pitch tomorrow his support committee made up of more than a hundred human rights associations and other entities. To condemn the increasing repression in recent weeks against the group of opponents of the system, have organized demonstrations in several cities of the Alawite kingdom.

In the capital, Rabat, is expected to leave the march at eleven o'clock from the square in Bab El Had, which already ripped the first three levels of the Movement, February 20 and March, and April 24. The event will be tomorrow, "sadly," a protagonist "indisputable" ELMUNDO account. Maruf Salma is young, a member of the Movement of February 20.

Kamal talks about Amari, 30 years old Moroccan who died Thursday at Safi, 350 kilometers south of Casablanca, after being beaten by members of the security forces in the demonstration on Sunday, according to denounce their families and organizations as the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH).

Interior Ministry sources Moroccan, however, assured this newspaper that Amari had respiratory problems and suffered a traffic accident with a motorcycle. According to those reports, has launched an investigation into the cause of death. The comrades of the deceased at Safi have called for tomorrow Moroccans go outside and stand in solidarity with the relatives of the victim.

Amari worked as a guard at the port of Safi, had participated in all the manifestations of February 20 and was part of the banned Islamist movement Justice and Charity. It is the second member who dies on February 20 for allegedly being beaten by police and auxiliary forces during the demonstrations, according to members of the Movement.

The first would be Karim Chaib, who was killed Feb. 24 in Sefrou. The young Salma Maaruf recalls that both the European Commission and Amnesty International have condemned the increase in the forceful repression of demonstrations. "The authorities have changed their strategy, there are no permits because they have realized that not languish and every day this movement grows a little more." Also, he says, want to silence their voices "so that there is dissension or fractures which are now about to present its draft constitution reform." In response to the protests of young Moroccans in the February 20, the monarch Alawi announced changes to the Constitution to give more powers to the prime minister and Parliament.

He also spoke of working for an independent judiciary. The Movement of the February 20 proposal considered stunted Mohamed VI. Opponents claim a parliamentary monarchy, separation of powers, higher levels of democracy, an end to corruption and dissolution of government and parliament. "In some circles I hear that soon, maybe the next month, will prepare the referendum," said Salma forecast while "hard" for tomorrow's event, which has not been authorized by the Moroccan authorities.

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