Sunday, June 5, 2011

Israel confirmed it fired at Palestinian demonstrators in the Golan Heights

At least twenty Syrian and Palestinian protesters were killed and another 325 were wounded by gunfire from Israeli soldiers trying to cross the border between Syria and Israel, Syrian state television said. The chain, which earlier spoke of thirteen killed and 225 wounded, adding that young Syrians and Palestinians have decided to start a strike at Quneitra on the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria, where thousands of people have come to participate in it and commemorate the Israeli occupation of the Highlands, which occurred in 1967.

The most violent incident occurred near the town of Majdal Shams, where Israeli soldiers guarding the border opened fire on demonstrators, between 200 and 300, as the Israeli army itself. The Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post explains that the Army, in order to avoid an outbreak of the protesters as happened last month "is using accurate sniper fire to prevent demonstrators reaching the border." In addition, the Israeli military used loudspeakers to broadcast messages in Arabic to warn anyone who approached the border fence could die.

At around 12.00 pm (Spanish mainland), the Army has posted on Twitter that "contrary to what is being reported, there has not been shot by tanks." "The warning shots at the Syrian border have been suspended for half an hour," he explains. The Israeli army and police are on alert in anticipation of the protests and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned that there are "radical elements who try to break the border on the anniversary of the Six Day War." "We will not allow it," said the Israeli representative at the beginning of the Council of Ministers held on Sunday.

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