Sunday, June 5, 2011

The former Minister of Finance of Egypt, sentenced in absentia to 30 years in prison

Cairo. .- The Egyptian former Minister of Finance Youssef Boutros Ghali was sentenced in absentia to thirty years in prison for influence peddling, abuse of authority and illicit enrichment, state media reported. The criminal court in northern Cairo, chaired by Judge Goneim Mahdi, provided further that the penalty must be fulfilled in full, without the possibility of a reduction, and Gali have to return funds that are appropriated.

This is the highest sentence imposed on an exalted by the regime of Hosni Mubarak, who relinquished power on 11 February after eighteen days of popular revolts and nearly three decades in power. The court found guilty Gali to take advantage of his position and to use equipment and personnel of the Ministry for their own electoral propaganda.

Besides, he was accused of embezzling six luxury cars from a total of 102 customs seized at Cairo airport and give the rest to his friends in the ministry. The court heard the judges Ashraf Mokhtar and Ahmed Suleiman, who asked that investigations be made public immigration department indicate that Gali left Egypt on 11 February in the direction of Lebanon.

Gali becomes the fourth minister of the defunct regime of Mubarak received a court sentence. On May 5 the former Minister of Interior Habib al Adli was sentenced to twelve years in prison for money laundering and illicit enrichment. Five days after the former owner of the portfolio of Tourism Zoheir Grana received another sentence of five years for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

On 26 May, the former Minister of Housing Magrebi Ahmed was sentenced to five years in prison on similar charges. Other former ministers and ruling party leaders during the regime of Mubarak have cases pending in court, like the exmandatario and their immediate families.

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