Sunday, June 5, 2011

A group of Afghan police kills an Italian tourist was in Kabul

Kabul. .- An Italian policeman killed by Afghan civilians while on a courtesy visit to the Panjshir province, near Kabul, after being involved in an incident with local villagers, Efe said the provincial governor. The deceased, said in Rome the Italian Foreign Ministry through a communique, was Lieutenant Colonel Cristiano Congiu, who served in the Italian embassy in Kabul as drug expert and went accompanied by an American woman in the Panjshir Valley , a traditional place of leisure.

"The couple was walking near the Panjshir River, and apparently, a villager grabbed the woman by the hand thinking that it would fall into the water, which led a discussion after the Italian pulled out a gun and shot the Afghan man" said the governor of the northern province of Panjshir, Keramuddin Keram.

According to the provincial official, the foreign couple tried to carry the wounded Afghan citizen a health center, "but family members cut off the shot and fired over the Italian to death, while the woman and the interpreter accompanied them were able to flee. According to the provincial governor, six people have been arrested following the incident, which occurred in the district of Khenj, and the body has been transferred to the international air base at Bagram, near Kabul.

Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, expressed his "sorrow" over the death of the soldier and said the incident should not distract the "task of stabilizing Afghanistan and the gradual transfer to Afghan army and police of responsibility for safety own country. " The Rome prosecutor has opened an investigation of the facts and panel four officers of the Carabinieri ROS will move to the scene to investigate.

Moreover, in the last hours several armed incidents in Afghanistan have killed at least eleven other people killed, five civilians and six soldiers of the NATO mission. In separate statements, the international contingent sources reported today the death of two soldiers in southern Iraq, in a shooting incident over which he provided details, and four in the east, due to a mine.

Two students have died and three were injured due to explosion of a motorcycle bomb near the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kandahar, in southern Iraq, told Efe the local police chief Abdul Razaq. A local agency also reported today the death of three pawns of road to operate a mine yesterday when the vehicle passed in the circulating in the eastern province of Khost.

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