Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five senior Yemeni, Saudi Arabia for medical treatment

Yemen's prime minister, Ali Mohamed al Muyawar, and four more officials have traveled to Saudi Arabia for treatment of injuries sustained in the attack on Friday against the presidential palace, according to an official source. Al Muyawar be flown to Saudi kingdom with the president of the Upper House of Parliament, Yehia to Rai, a source of senior Yemeni government, who requested anonymity.

Also traveled to Saudi Consultative Council Chairman, Abdel Aziz Abdel Ghani, Deputy Minister for Defense Affairs and Security, Rashad al Alemi, (who did the day before) and Deputy Secretary of the ruling General Congress Party Popular Sadeq Amin Abu Ras. The four were wounded in the attack on the presidential compound in Sanaa, causing minor injuries to the head the head of state, Ali Saleh Abadlá.

Although it was speculated that the president of Yemen, Ali Abdallah Saleh, also had traveled to Saudi Arabia for assistance, still entered the capital's military hospital after being injured in the attack, and their status is stable. In that attack on a mosque inside the presidential compound, where they were praying Saleh and other officials of the regime, killing seven officers of the security services.

Also injured several senior officials, besides those who were transferred last night to Saudi Arabia. Saleh has accused tribal opposition leader Sadeq al-Ahmar and his brothers of being behind the attack in an audiotape broadcast by state television. Al Ahmar in a statement yesterday denied any involvement in the attack.

Since last May 23 when the president rejected a third time signing a plan of Persian Gulf countries for a peaceful transfer of power, government forces clash in the capital, militants of al-Ahmar, head of the Hashed tribe and strongman of the opposition. A source close to al-Ahmar said that ten of his militiamen were killed and 35 wounded in clashes with police and Republican Guard around the home of Hamid, younger brother of Al Ahmar, in the diplomatic quarter of Hedda.

Hamid is a leader of the main Yemeni opposition alliance, the Sharing Meeting, and sponsor of the protests against Saleh. On the other hand, in Taiz in the south, the Republican Guard now deployed its tanks in the vicinity of one of the presidential palaces in this city, while continuing clashes between police and gunmen.

The fighting centered on the outskirts of the Provincial Council building in the Al Qahira in the heart of Taiz, as could verify addition, dozens of gunmen have been deployed around the Plaza de la Libertad, occupied last Sunday after security forces to evict thousands of protesters camped there.

Yesterday, armed clashes in Taiz killed four policemen and two armed men, while 27 officers were injured and thirty protestors and opposition militants. ADEQ al Ahmar and his brothers, claimed the attack and revenge against them.

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