Sunday, June 5, 2011

Horacio Brunt Acosta, the Mexican national hero in Spain eventually sold jalapeños

Rains, it pours for Horacio Brunt Acosta. The former Mexican federal agent, who fled to Spain 15 years ago after being accused of collaborating with the 'narcos', has just discovered that one of his sons was arrested in the Arizona border while driving a 'Jeep' loaded with arms. "He thought it was beer," says Brunt.

The life of former police changed in 1996. At the beginning, for good. The leading group of agents that managed to stop the almighty Juan Garcia Abrego, head of the Gulf Cartel. Brunt, then Director of Intelligence of the National Commissioner for Combating Drugs, became a hero and gained respect from U.S.

authorities. "Abreu's attorney had offered $ 10 million. The rejected. I said it was a lot of money, but ultimately would have killed us," says the former officer to ELMUNDO. is. 'The Wall Street Journal stopped short of calling this "baby-faced commander" of "example" to his colleagues, the protagonist of "a success story out of the ordinary." The "success" was short, but not the "story out of the ordinary." Brunt, the 'national hero', had to reinvent itself as a trader of Mexican food in Madrid.

Why? "In August I called Mexico City the director general of police. He told me they were going to make a clean and told me the low of 14 elements that had made up my computer when I stopped at the head of the Gulf Cartel." Brunt says that was not among the officers fired, but voluntarily decided to leave the body in protest at a decision considered unjust.

Today remains unexplained reasons for a clean that was evident when 14 police officers were reinstated following paragraphs review. But Brunt did not wait the time of Justice. Preferred to leave the police immediately, and had no choice but to flee to America with a tourist visa. What is spent from then? "To save his life.

I knew I would be killed. The mob had put a price on my head." Agents of the FBI and the DEA told him then that the Mexican authorities were investigating him and had asked the U.S. government will not admit in its territory. Brunt said that Mexico had not received any official communication on the record before it had opened and also ensures that rejected a protection program that offered the FBI and the DEA.

However, it also says that U.S. authorities refused to grant a permanent visa. So the former as 'national hero' had to flee again, this time to Spain. Not requested asylum, but the residence as an entrepreneur. Today is the head of the food company and sell Cenalte juice, jalapenos and other Mexican products in Europe.

But it has many problems to carry out its business: "When potential clients contact at the beginning everything is fine, but then just giving me long, because they look at what is being said online about me." Brunt claims a genuine "smear campaign" conducted mostly by Reform Group. In 1998, the Mexican newspaper said the former policeman had created their own cartel in the U.S..

He was also accused of arming the Arellano Felix brothers, belonging to the Tijuana cartel during his time in the police. "The reality is stranger than fiction," says Brunt, who nevertheless have no suspicion at the time to explain who is behind this "lichamiento media." It only says that drug traffickers are responsible.

"Who else?" The former intelligence director of the National Commissioner for the Fight Against Drugs report episodes of corruption within the Mexican state apparatus, but denies that the PRI, during his decades at the helm of the country, has agreed to drug traffickers. "Definitely not, it would be impossible for an agreement of this kind, because too many factors involved.

For example, the presence of DEA informants." Brunt did not think the conflict has exploded in recent years by a change in policy of the rulers of the PAN, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon before now. "They're doing well, the country and handed it sick," he said. Former federal agent does not seem to be eager to tell what he knows about the Mexican police, what he saw during his time in Tijuana.

You might not want to sell all the fish before the publication of the book you want to write. The former agent, who is currently seeking editorial, insists on his innocence. "I never processed. They tried, but found the way. Only opened my errands," he explains, noting that in recent years even returned to Mexico several times to defend himself before the justice of certain claims.

Always emerged victorious. Still, Brunt still fears for his life, and will not live at home. Although you never know ... "In my 61 years I have learned to remove the word 'never' in my dictionary. A few days ago and thought he had hit bottom, I could not go any more. And now look what happens to my son ...

is that in life are like paper airplanes in the middle of a tornado. "

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