Monday, May 30, 2011

Israel sees the opening of the Rafah border crossing with concern and some relief

As expected, the decision of Egypt to permanently reopen the border crossing of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, Israel is causing in many reactions, mostly critical. However, several leaders, officials and analysts point out the positive side either, they say, because "Egypt now at last assumes the responsibility for what happens in Gaza" or to claim "is further evidence that the planned fleet has no provocation and justification except that both products through Israel and Egypt people can enter and leave Gaza without problems.

" But the official version transmitted cautious concern. In the Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claims that "it is a concern as it reinforces the terrorist regime of Hamas." Figures released today by several Israeli media do not indicate, however, that is a radical change: In 2010, 150,000 people crossed the Rafah crossing.

And 30,000 since the beginning of the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak and the changing face of the Egyptian military regime. Netanyahu has refused to publicly refer the matter but, on the occasion of the "Jerusalem Day", celebrating Israel this week, said: "The Government and people are committed to Jerusalem, which is one of the foundations of the unity of people of Israel.

What I stressed to the Knesset and the U.S. Congress. UU. It is important that the world know that we are faithful to Jerusalem and his legacy, determined to defend our position and the hand extended to a real peace with our neighbors. "Turning to the Rafah crossing, the political department in charge of security ministry Defense, Amos Gilad, said that "the relationship with Egypt is very important for Israel." We must analyze this measure in a broader context related to the revolt in the area.

We are in contact with the Egyptians and we hope that there is smuggling weapons through Rafah, "he said. An Israeli official is more pessimistic:" Terrorists may enter and leave Gaza through Rafah with no control. So far they did for the smuggling tunnels but had to pay taxes on both the Egyptian and Hamas.

Now they do so without problems in the light of day. "Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Ayalon, said that" the opening of the border crossing to Egypt transferred full responsibility for what happens in Gaza. "Now finally sealed off Strip. And he gave him the keys to Egypt.

A dream of all Israeli leaders, "the general in the reserve, Tzvika Fogel The opposition leader, Tzipi Livni (Kadima), Netanyahu accused of" not knowing how to avoid this as it weakens Israel. Its policy to further isolate our country and reinforces the terrorist group Hamas. " Beyond the reopening of Rafah, Israel's main concern focuses on the increasingly close relations with Hamas post-Mubarak Egypt.

While the peace treaty with Egypt is not in imminent danger, Israel assumes that nothing is and will be equal. An alliance with Iran and Hamas Mubarak, Netanyahu must change its political and military strategy to the approach from Cairo to Tehran and the Islamist group that controls Gaza.

In June 2007, when Hamas forcibly took control of Gaza, the European observers left their mission in Rafah. Four years later under the observation of Hamas and Egypt the Gaza door to the world reopens permanently for the relief of its inhabitants.

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