Monday, May 30, 2011

12 children die in a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan

Kabul. .- At least 18 civilians and 20 policemen were killed in a bombing by NATO forces in Afghanistan reported on Thursday during an operation in the east that killed more than 85 Taliban, Efe said an official source. "18 civilians were killed because the Taliban used villagers as human shields and fired on Afghan and international forces from their homes," he told Efe Jalaludin Badr, governor of Nuristan province, where the bombing occurred.

The attack came on Thursday during a counter-forces of the NATO mission in the country, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to take control of Du Ab district, attacked by the Taliban. Helicopters transported the soldiers, while aviation resorted to bomb insurgent positions, dozens of whom were wounded, according to Badr.

A source told Efe that ISAF forces are investigating the facts, which have been known after a disclosure, even today, killing at least 12 children and two women in another bombing by NATO forces, yesterday in Helmand province (south). According to the governor of Nuristan, the Taliban have been driven from the district capital, but continue to fire rockets at Afghan and international troops from the nearby woods.

In Nuristan, along the porous border that gives the tribal areas of Pakistan, operating both the Taliban and other insurgent groups, and at least one of the districts and large rural areas under their power.

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