Monday, May 30, 2011

CHINA - Child trafficking in Hunan

Children have been trafficked in a poor prefecture in Hunan where family planning officials to forcibly removed from their parents and placed in an orphanage. This emerges from a survey of the very serious business magazine Xinshiji Zhoukan, following research by parents of these children. The incident took place between 2002 and 2005.

To put pressure on their families to collect fines, officials in charge of family planning in the prefecture of Longhui in Shaoyang in Hunan, forcibly took nearly two dozen children. Against the sum of 1,000 yuan each [approximately 100 euros], they have placed in the orphanage in Shaoyang, giving them all the surname "Shao".

Some of these children were adopted, some United States and the Netherlands. The 3000 U.S. dollars paid by adoptive families returned to the orphanage. The case took place in a very poor prefecture where the one-child policy has been applied very brutal in years 80 and 90. Incidentally, some children "seized" were not even born children "quota," says the magazine.

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