Monday, May 30, 2011

The Italian Coast Guard rescued a barge with 210 refugees from Libya

A boat was adrift in Maltese waters with 210 refugees from Libya, was assisted Sunday by Coast Guard patrols Italian despite being outside their jurisdiction, sources told Efe that institution. The barge, carrying both men, women and children, was in the Sicilian Channel 50 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has become the gateway for immigrants from North Africa to Europe .

The authorities of Malta sent a ransom demand to Italian were ready to assist them and transfer them to Lampedusa. Today's refugees are in addition to the 1,856 rescued from yesterday and most of Libya with the island of Lampedusa is already home to more than 2,000 immigrants. The arrived yesterday from barges with 347, 400 and 609 refugees from Libya who were aided by patrol boats from the Coast Guard and Finance Guard.

This is the seventh landing in a few hours which is recorded on the Italian coasts of people from North Africa, which includes a total of 2,006 refugees coming mainly from Libya, with the exception of a small boat out of Tunisia. The latest arrivals were known which occurred on May 19, when 500 immigrants traveling by boat from Libya reached the coast of the island.


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