Monday, May 30, 2011

General singer Obama

Probably in a European country would have ended the public career of anyone. But the sense of the ridiculous, or feast-on the side of the Atlantic and is different. But here's the next commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Army General Martin Dempsey, imitating Frank Sinatra for a year. It is not clear that Dempsey can win the two wars and a half in which the U.S.

is now involved (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya). But you can try to persuade the Taliban to put down their weapons based serenades. So, Barack Obama has finally chosen as the next Chief of Staff of United States General Martin Dempsey, who until now was the head of the Army. Dempsey's appointment comes after all the bureaucratic war that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and the current chief of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, the president himself have been convinced of the appropriateness of this general 59.

Because Obama was not elected Dempsey, but the current number two of the High General Staff, General James Cartwright Marines. According to U.S. media, Gates and Mullen Cartwright torpedoed the appointment because it will turn 'bypassed' on several occasions to deal directly with Obama on all matters relating to the war in Afghanistan.

And the White House became convinced that there is quite general and prone to be 'stars', starting with the current commander in chief of the Afghan War and future head of the CIA, David Peatraeus, which could be the Republican candidate in 2016 - and ending with Stanley McChrystal, who preceded him in office until he was fired after making some explosive statements to the magazine 'Rolling Stone' in which he brought to, among others, Vice President Joe Biden, head over heels.

With such background, Obama has opted for Dempsey, a military discreet, efficient and, of course, with a good voice.

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