Monday, May 30, 2011

Gibraltar - The oil spill silent

The wind brings the Straits to Punta Europa, in the extreme south of the rock of Gibraltar, the stench of rotten eggs. They come from boats anchored in Algeciras Bay and connected by large pipes. "It's the smell of gas that is released when the oil tankers transvasent in boats. It is penetrating and unpleasant, but they say it is not harmful," said one resident of the Rock.

With its refinery, chemical industry, power station and its base of British submarines, the Bay of Algeciras is an environmental time bomb. This is the place in Europe where there is greater risk of oil spills and the fourth world center of "bunkering", or bunkering (fuel transfer between vessels).

More than 106,000 boats, including 5,000 oil tankers (10% of world traffic) through each year [...] read more on Presseurop. had

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