Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweden criticized the German decision to advance the nuclear outage to 2022

The Swedish Minister of Environment Andreas Carlgren centrist, has criticized the German decision to advance the nuclear blackout in that country in 2022, an initiative that believes the solution is not ideal. In his view, the Germanic decision will harm efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. "Focus on what year both nuclear energy should be eliminated makes you run the risk of losing the essential, that is, how can we solve the dual challenge of reducing nuclear energy and greenhouse gas emissions," said the station Carlgren Public Radio of Sweden.

" Carlgren said the German decision will have "disadvantaged" and welcomed because Sweden has left the discussion about setting one year for the nuclear blackout. "The key question now for Germany is that probably will increase the import of fossil fuels in France and runs the risk of not achieving as quickly eliminate the dependence on them, especially coal," he said.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of the Federal Chancellor Angela Mekel, Bavarian Christian Socialists (CSU) and liberal (FDP) reported this morning that the eight German plants, which provisional closure was announced after the catastrophe of Fukushima, never again to be connected to the network.

The Swedish Parliament adopted a law last year allowing renew the ten nuclear reactors are there in Sweden. The law marked the end of the moratorium on new reactors but while dismantling the old, so the total number does not exceed that currently exists. The Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall is the owner or controlling shareholder of four nuclear power plants in Germany.

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