Monday, May 30, 2011

Ollanta and Keiko, face to face

Before the dead heat in the light of recent surveys between Keiko and Ollanta Humala, Peru election debate live tonight becomes a 'round' instrumental in the fierce struggle that both candidates face to win the presidency. While Ipsos Apoyo polling places in a mock vote Keiko (41%) with a slight lead over Ollanta (39%), the company invests Imasen these results and gives the Nationalist 43.8% of the votes and daughter Former President Alberto Fujimori's 42.5%.

Where I do agree all is the still high percentage of voters who choose to leave their ballots blank or spoiled, which exceeds 10%. 17% of those surveyed by Ipsos Apoyo said that eventually deciding to vote in this debate. So, Keiko and face Humala in the debate the challenge of filing the animosity that awaken in the still undecided.

Cheap shots are expected sleeve and letters from both in a debate in which the play all or nothing. Controversy has dogged this quote from planning due to the alleged failure of Fujimori, as denounced by the rival party to address issues related to human rights and combating corruption, two columns of which are teetering government plan despite purge his father 25 years sentence for theft and crimes against humanity.

Instead, the candidates try to "democratic institutions", a kind of deaf ears in which each get their strong themes. The model in each of the blocks, in which candidates may expose 4 minutes, exposure is a replica and to reply. In addition to the block of democratic institutions, both will talk about poverty, security, drug trafficking, economic and social inclusion in a debate about two hours.

In the second part, answer 3 questions from citizens, compiled by the National Jury of Elections as part of a draft informed vote. In previous presidential debates, Keiko has been more secure in their submissions that Humala, who has resorted to reading your proposals. However, it has been one of the most challenged as they proclaimed "daughter of Alberto Fujimori a great honor" and defended the government of his father.

According to analysts, this position in the current context could affect his candidacy. In the presidential runoff, the candidate has sought to sell the idea of a renewed Fujimori and without the burdens of the past. To this has apologized for the "excesses" and "crimes" the government of his father.

However, despite the initial rise in the polls, his candidacy has stalled. The statements of his former spokesman Jorge Trelles, who claimed that Fujimori "killed less" than predecessor governments, reports of proselytizing use prison Alberto Fujimori and tax evasion after her father, denounced by Univision, would have affected his application.

For the expert in 'marketing' political Nilton Vera, Keiko based his speech in defense of the economic system, which blamed the government of his father, and to attack the changes in the government plan of her rival. For its part, to another analyst, George Salmon, Humala will reinforce his speech in the fight against corruption and protection of Human Rights, the Achilles heel of Fujimori.

Around the debate, held at the Marriott Hotel, has deployed a massive security ring. Both candidates will take their "portable" or groups of supporters, who remain outside the hotel haranguing their leaders.

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